Server and Hosting for an Online Casino

Hosting is an important part of the Internet world; it is what keeps websites up and running. Hosting is necessary for all websites as it provides storage space and other technologies for a website enabling them to be viewed online. Without a host, the website will not be viewable. Here are a few essentials that a casino site requires in a web host.

Storage Space

Many hosts offer low cost hosting services particularly for new business. This usually means that the site is run on a shared server. This means that a number of companies will be storing their information in the same storage space. Whilst this works for small companies, casinos tend not to fall under this category and require large amounts of storage space. It is therefore recommended that a casino site uses the more advanced option of dedicated server. This can be more expensive but is worth it as the operating speed will be much higher.

Uptime and Downtime

Different hosts can also experience periods of slowness or instability. This can lead to downtime which essentially means that the website is offline and inaccessible. This is not an option for a casino site as they are required to be online at all times in order to cater to their customers. It is very important that the host used operates under a good level of stability with minimal downtime. In conjunction with this, the host needs to be able to deal with copious amounts of traffic. Casinos will have a lot of players all online simultaneously which can be a huge drain on resources if the host is not prepared. Large amounts of traffic can also significantly reduce the speed of the site which is also not really an option for a casino site as they need all games to be running smoothly and efficiently at all times. Potential online casino owners should check to make sure the bandwidth of a host service is large enough to contain such high traffic.

Being Protected

The third item is protection. It is important that the server is protected by a firewall. Casinos take a lot of private data from clients in the form of banking details and it is imperative that this data is secure and inaccessible to hostile third parties. It is also important to make sure the host operates a licensed server and more on this can be found at

For a successful online casino the host needs to provide all of these plus excellent support and round the clock service.